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Last years Jacks Dash 11k



A little from the Jacks Dash organisers.


This years race was another success with an improvement on last years numbers with 17 runners entering all together and the whole field finishing in a impressive time including our winner for the third year running, with a course record time of 43 minutes 29 seconds Andy Stevens. Thank you all.

It works so well having the race in conjunction with The fun day and we have to thank the fun day's committee members for they're constant support,and the same must be said for The Garway Moon for the use of they're facilities every year. Thanks also to all spectators for they're support.   


I must give a special thanks to all our race team and marshals including Danny and Helen, Larry, Sue, Mike, Jane, Lesley, Jo and Mo(last minute saviours)and at the start andfinish, Katie .

We rely on all of your generous support every year and it really couldn't happen without any of you . Thank you also to Janey Powell for all your help and support and putting up with everything that goes along with organising an event like this one.

Thank you to the Monmouth Beacon for they're annual report and photos and to Mr Shergold for climbing the hill to take photos of the entire field.

Last but not least we need to thank the wider community for they're patients and support.

We raised £170 pounds this year for the very important
Air Ambulance and hope to improve on this total for next years race with the building of valuable reputation and participation and an ever improving publicity including Craig, and Lucy for her tiresome work on the website.


Some photos from this year...

Race Results...

1st -          Andy Stevens             43mins 29 s   (King of the Hill & Course record!!)
2nd-          Jeremy Jehan.           46 mins 28s
3rd-           Ian Macain.                 50mins 3s
4th-           Gareth Richards.        51mins 45s
5th-           Gintare Gaigalieue.    52mins 5s.     (First Lady back)
6th-           Sam Weale.                55mins 5s
7th-           Sue Shergold.            55mins 18s    (F2)
8th-           David Smout.             56mins 11s
9th-           Laura Lilievre.           57mins 11s    (F3)
10th-         David Harris.             59mins 48s
11th-         Rob Thomas.             59mins 49s
12th-         Adam h Ademson.    59mins49s
13th-         Peter Short.               59mins50s
14th-         Jason Harris.             63mins23s
15th-         Wolfgang Luecke.     63mins23s
16th-         Sarah Maded.           66mins20s
17th-         Nick Byng.                 67mins 3s

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