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The race is precisely a 11k hill run starting and finishing at the Garway Moon Inn, taking in some of the South Welsh border counties most stunning views, especially from the summit of Gaway hill. Which once reached may we add, sees the end of the most punishing part of the race and a relatively enjoyable second half of the race ensues.


It started  in 2009, organised by a man called Chris McCann. We then had a break of 3 years before we started back up in 2013. 


Jacks dash refers to the local folklore legend "Jack O Kent (a local wizard) who used to challenge the Devil to all sorts of tasks, races and challenges. They were said to have raced over garway hill with rocks to stop the way at Orcop Hill. The Devil drops his rocks and consequently loses the race. The rocks he drops are said to lie in the valley below garway hill named White Rocks. 



Jacks dash is basically a tough but enjoyable challenge but a really good laugh with friends and family etc. with a pub and a fun day at the end of the race and so is ideal for all the family.


The fun day it's self includes:

  • Dog show

  • Food + drink

  • Shildren's entertainment

  • Stalls

  • Local strongest man competition




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